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Distance Business Programme (D-Biz)

The prevalence of coronavirus has severely affected the business environment. The HKSAR launched a "Distance Business Programme" of approximately HK $ 500 million under the second round of the "Anti-epidemic Fund", involving 12 types of information technology solutions. To perform the digital transformation, companies can apply for up to 300,000 Hong Kong dollars of funds.

Topone has been serving small and medium enterprises in Hong Kong for more than ten years. We will provide four government-approved funding programs.

Why us ?


HKSAR SOA-QPS4 Eligible Subcontractor


Serving more than 100 SMEs and providing comprehensive IT services


Provide follow-up service without charge


  • Up to HKD 100,000 per plan

  • Each company can receive up to HK $ 300,000

  • Provide full funding

  • The first 30% of the grant will be deposited into the designated account after the application is approved

Network security and remote work Solution

Topone's cybersecurity and remote work solutions include:

  • Remote desktop control
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Physical firewall
  • Aruba Enterprise Wireless AP
  • Notebook computer
  • Cloud firewall (Cloudflare)

Microsoft 365 Solution

Working from home is no longer difficult, and the features provided by Topone's Microsoft 365 program include:

  • Cloud Storage (SharePoint)
  • Microsoft 365 (office package)
  • Virtual Team Management and Communication (Microsoft Team)

Video Conference Solution

The features provided by Topone's Video Conference Solution include:

  • Smart touchable display
  • Integrated video system
  • Electronic whiteboard
  • Built-in Windows PC system
  • Smart pen
  • Full HD wireless microphone
  • Mobile stand

Other online / tailor-made / cloud business support system

Topone provides tailor-made / cloud business support system, please contact us to inquire about the solutions

Application requirements

  • Limited or unlimited companies with valid business registration numbers

  • Business before coronavirus outbreak

  • Start a new business under the epidemic

  • Unable to run the business during the epidemic or employees have difficulty returning to the office

* Details may be adjusted after the government announces the plan

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