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We aim to become one of the best IT support company. With continuous technological innovation, we are adding new elements to our customers from time to time. On the other hand, clients also admire our effort to provide high quality service. We are adding valuable service to fulfill different customer requirements.

University of Oxford - Hong Kong Office
「Topone technical staff seem no problem cannot be solved. We are grateful for their support of our company providing smooth computer and network system!」

Office manager – Kris
Greka China Ltd – Hong Kong Office
「This is N times for changing IT support companies and we find a good one finally. Their performances satisfy our chairman and directors needs. We appreciate for their support. 」

Officer – Poly
Key Technologies International Limited – Hong Kong
「After our IT staff left, Topone started to manage our IT system around 3 years, we are very satisfied with their performance. They are taking care of both our Hong Kong and China offices and we will keep using their services in future.」

General Manager – Jones
Kaizor Innovation Limited
「We need a long-term and stable IT support company, Topone can provide what we need.」

CEO – Elaine
Wing On Professional Group Holding
「After we use their service a year, we started to refer our clients to Topone to use their IT support service. They provide tailor-made service to their customer. 」

President – Louis
「Topone build up our entire network. For last time stock check, we asked them to keep devices running smoothly in order to shorten the stock checking time. Even the schedule overran each day, their engineers stayed with us from 7am to 11pm without leaving. We are deeply appreciated for their responsible attitude, they are Ichiban!」

Executive assistant to director – Joyce
Country Dragon Group
「Once the computer get problems, Topone engineers will find out where the problem is. When our server was down last time in China office, their engineers work overnight to solve the problem, we are grateful to have their IT support!」

Executive assistant to director – Ben
Regal World Transport System Ltd
「We built up 6 years relationship with Topone. We cherish our partnership and will keep using their services!」

General Manager – Francis
Sumitomo Corporation – Hong Kong Office
「After we changed to Topone, we found that their engineers are better. We appreciate for their support in our company.」

IT Officer – Ken
DayMen international
「Topone can quickly solve computer problems, and they are our trusted partners.」

IT director – Sudhir
CI Limited 
「Peachtree problem perplexed us for a long time, Topone help us to solve the problem and we appreciate for their action.」

Officer – Mandy
Top Team Secretary Limited
「Our needs are very simple, solved the computer problem quickly and got no staff complains. Topone are quite good on this.」

Accountant – John

Enquiry Phone List:

University of Oxford - Hong Kong Office Office Manager
Kris Wu Telephone Support: 2151 3877

MDSI Executive Assistant to Director
Joyce Ho Telephone Support: 3583 4626

Regal World Transport System Ltd General Manager
Francis Cheung Telephone Support: 2511 6688