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Company Profile

Vision & Mission

Founded in 2005, TopOne provides one-stop professional IT services to simplify our customers' IT management and leverage their returns on investment (ROI). By employing our services, you can focus resources in activities that have direct impact to your business.

Marketing Position

We are positioned as your IT division when your business is not the size to warrant a full time person or when additional experience, skills or man-power is required.

Keys to Success

Our Keys to success are our people, experience and solution, long-term client partnership, close venture with vendors.

  • Product & Solution
    Topone plays a role as a pioneer to explore the innovative solution in our office from time to time. When the product is well tested and successful deployed in our office, we will recommend it to our client. In this way we can provide more expertise advices, protect and optimize our client’s investment.
  • Professional Team
    Topone has a team of engineers experienced in Network, Web design and Application development. Engineers provide network level support have industry specific qualifications, like CCNA, MCSE, MCDBA, CCSA … Engineers provide application support have certifications from the relevant software vendors with minimum of 5 years experiences.
  • Quality of Services
    TopOne believes that customers’ satisfaction always comes first. Understanding that our growth is built on our customers' success, we treat and benefit our customers as long-term business partners by continuous and services in pace with their growth to meet their ever-changing business needs.