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Monitoring Service

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Our company provides free monitoring services, which include:

  • Backup monitoring service
  • PC Health monitoring service
  • Network monitoring service

Backup monitoring service
Data is the core of companies, it is crucial to protect it. Companies will back up the data to protect the data against system failure. However, what about the failure of data backup? Our company provides backup monitoring service to solve this problem.
Every time after the backup device performs the backup, it will generate backup report (The backup device should support email notification). Our technical staff will read the report, once the backup is found to be fail, we will notify our customers and provide proactive actions. backup monitor 1 backup monitor 2 backup monitor 3 monitor

PC Health monitoring service
Once the computer was being hacked, many confidential information may be leak out. Our company will keep monitoring your computer and try our best to prevent your data loss due to computers' health problems.
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Network monitoring service
Network is the backbone of companies of any size. It connects all the computers, databases and servers. Network improves the flow of information and data integrity. Once the network goes down, everyone in the company will be affected. Hence, network failure may lead to huge business loss. Our company offer a free monitoring service to keep our customers' network healthy. The service include:

  • To monitor the database, firewalls and networking equipment. For example, the backup device malfunction, we will be notified within half hour.
  • To monitor the server and network uptime to ensure the stability and reliability of system.
  • To monitor the resource consumption of CPU and hard disk. We will notify our customers when the CPU usage exceeds the threshold.
  • To monitor the website to keep fast performance.
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