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Quality of Services

Customer Orientation
Topone Information Technology Limited focuses on our customers. Company growth depends on our valuable customers. Work as a long-term business relationship with customers, we try to meet the requirements of our customers in order to adapt their business needs, we hope customers enjoy our services with satisfaction.

Service Commitment
Our service commitment is divided into three levels:
1) Level 1,if server is malfunctioned or the whole company cannot access the internet, we promise to provide on-site support within 4 hours.
2) Level 2,if the problem is related to personal computer, we promise to provide on-site support on the next business day.
3) Level 3,if the problem does not affect the company's operation as well as the user, such as the floppy disk is malfunctioned and there is no emergency need to use it, we will arrange an appointment with the user or fix the problem during the next monthly checking.

Support Service
Our engineers will bring the Service Acceptance Form per each on-site support visit. In order to enhance our working transparency and our customer satisfaction, engineers will clearly explain the completion of the work situation to our customers and mark down the follow-up actions in the form if necessary.

Complaints Mechanism
We are pleased to listen different kinds of view from our valuable customers. When our customers are not satisfied with our services, you can contact our dedicated account manager to follow up or email to: [email protected]

Confidential Agreement
Topone Information Technology Limited is committed that customer information will not be disclosed to any parties without the prior approval of our customer. When our engineers finished the task, all customer information must be returned to our customer immediately.

Continuous Improvement
We will enhance our services continuously in order to provide satisfactory services to our customers. For example, we have launched the CustomerCare Center platform to allow customers manage their company's IT assets more easily. We provide online storage space (SendBig services) for customers with free of charge in order to let customers send large files (e.g. 100M or above) through Email. In addition, we are developing a set of online software management system for our customers to use for meeting the increasingly rigorous government monitoring of software asset management.