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Cloud Backup

Data is the core of companies, it is crucial to protect it. Topone uses Cloud Backup to provide an economical offsite backup solution to protect the critical business data in physical or virtual machines againt system failure.

Cloud Backup Plan Characteristics

  • Support different operating systems, include Windows, UNIX, Linux and MacOS
  • Support 256-bit encryption
  • Support Proxy server
  • Support RAID-5 storage
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • HK$250 per month for an extra 500GB backup storage

Cloud Backup is widely accepted by top international companies in different industries:

Capitalonline Data Service CO., LTD.
NNT Communication Asia
Just Ask Counsulting
Maskatel Inc.
Ms Geslam Informatique inc.
Empirion GmbH
DBond IT Counsulting
American International School
Arcotect Ltd.
Asia One Printing Limited
Aspiring Technologies Limited
At Corp., Ltd