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Budget & Contract Renew


Budget & Contract Renew is actually a tool used to remind customers that the details of contracts. It can also remind customers about the expiration of contracts such as domain name registration, contract with Topone, etc. It can also display relevant detailed data, such as follow-up, start and end dates, Contract type, contact person and amount.


Supplier contract


The supplier contract is a tool that allows customers to customize the expiration date reminder. Customers can revise the required reminders, such as the expiration of the paid software ,printer, computer hardware. With the size of a company. customers may have dozens or even hundreds of employees whose computer assets need to be managed and maintained. This automatic reminder tool is convenient for customer management. When the contract expires, the customer will receive a reminder email to prevent any delay.


These above tools can help customers optimize their company's computer asset management and review contract/maintenance due dates of various computer assets at any time .