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Factory Management System

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The factory management system provides a number of practical functions for different companies to improve work efficiency. This product is based on the company's sales and inventory management, providing inbound, sales, inventory, capital flow and complete enterprise management processes. Topone's factory management system can be customized to meet the different requirements.

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ERP system function
Topone Factory Management System System features
Data Management Notification Center, Product Management, Raw Material Management, Customer Management, Supplier Management, Warehouse Management, Workshop Management, Subject Type, Accounting Management, Bank Management, etc.
Incoming Management Order management, total statistics, statistical checklist, purchasing management, quotation management, etc.
Sales Management
Quotation management, sales orders, sales outbound, sales return, sales replenishment orders, customer reconciliation balances, etc.
Inventory Management Inventory status table, getaways, gift slips, report spills, loss orders, warehouse settings, etc.
Production Management Production processing orders, material delivery orders, finished goods receipts, material return orders, production and processing tracking, multiple detailed statistics, etc.
Outsourcing Production Outsourcing processing order management, material management, product management, outsourcing return order, multiple detailed statistics, outsourcing tracking table, etc.
Fund Management Receipt slips, payment slips, customer accounts, fund flow settings, multiple detailed statistics, etc.
System Settings Company information management, user role management, data rights management, system number setting, etc.
Number of users Unlimited number of people